Your Guide to Building a Stronger Core for Better Running

Our step-by-step approach to core activation, strength and stability will provide you with the progressive structure, resources and guidance you need to find and the fix weak links which have previously hampered your running.

This 12 Week Programme Includes:

  • Step-by-Step Guide to Engaging Your Core - We'll help you learn how to properly engage your core muscles.
  • Core Activation Routines - To ensure you have a strong foundation for us to build on, the programme starts with exercises and drills to ensure and reinforce the proper activation of your core muscles. 
  • Dynamic Core Control Routines - You'll learn how to maintain core control through a range of challenging movements, which will transfer into better control of your running gait. 
  • Progressive Core Strength-Endurance Routines - Develop strength-endurance in your core region, so you can run stronger for longer.
  • Full Video Tutorials - Each exercise and drill is explained and demonstrated in detail on video. 

James Dunne

Running Coach & Sports Rehab Specialist

Thanks to our run-specific approach to core activation and strengthening, even the most neglected set of core muscles can be re-awakened and trained to provide strength and stability for confident, injury-free running.

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