Your Guide to Building Stronger Glutes for Better Running

Our step-by-step approach to activation, strength, mobility and stability will provide you with the progressive structure, resources and guidance you need to find and the fix weak links and errors in form which have previously hampered your running.

This 12 Week Programme Includes:

  • Self Screening Protocol - We'll help you discover your weak links.
  • Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Strength Exercises - Build strength in your glutes and posterior chain. 
  • Progressive Hip Mobility Routines - Poor hip mobility can be inhibiting your glutes. We'll fix that. 
  • Stability Exercises for all Levels - Develop hip stability and core control.
  • Running Technique Drills & Cues - Learn how to run using your glutes more effectively.

James Dunne

Running Coach & Sports Rehab Specialist

Thanks to our comprehensive approach to activation and strengthening, even the most "lazy" set of gluteal muscles can be re-awakened and trained to provide hip strength and stability for confident, injury-free running.

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