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Your step-by-step guide to running with proper technique

Running doesn't have to be so hard on your body... 

Our step-by-step approach to coaching running technique will provide you with the progressive structure, resources and guidance you need to find and fix the flaws in running technique which have previously hampered your running.

Topics covered on this 8 week course include:

  • The Running Gait Cycle

The Running Gait Cycle

Learn the meaning of key terminology often encountered when reading about running biomechanics, and how each term relates to your own running technique.

  • Functional Anatomy for Runners 

You will learn which muscle groups (and other anatomical structures) are important to consider when it comes to improving your running form, and becoming a stronger, injury-free runner.

  • Running Posture 

Great running technique begins with proper posture. Learn simple but powerful cues to help you achieve and maintain good posture, even when you get tired! 

  • Running Cadence & Stride Length 

Your running cadence and stride length are two of the most important variables when it comes to pace. Learn how to safely increase your running cadence, and stop yourself from overstriding, while achieving the required stride length for a given pace. 

  • Foot Strike Pattern 

Whether you habitually run with a heel strike, forefoot strike or anything in between, we'll show you how to adapt your footstrike to avoid undue stress and strain on your body. 

  • Leg Swing Mechanics

Learn how (and why) the pattern with which your leg swings forward onto the next stride, makes all the difference when it comes to running efficiently, achieving a more controlled footstrike, and preventing yourself from overstriding.  

  • Arm Action & Upper Body Carriage

The role of the upper body and arms in running gait, is all too frequently overlooked! You will learn how to use your arms more effectively to create balance and rhythm in your running style.

  • Running Technique for Speed, Endurance & Hills

Learn powerful cues to help you maintain proper running form whether you're running fast, long, uphill or downhill.  

  • How to Put it all Together

Follow our structured eight week training plan, created as a 'skills development programme' to work alongside your existing running schedule, whether you're training for an upcoming marathon, starting as a new runner, or returning to running after an injury.

James Dunne

Running Coach & Sports Rehab Specialist

Discover the joy of running pain-free

Master your running technique and learn to run with full control

This comprehensive approach to coaching running technique, will allow you to run with greater awareness and control of how your body is moving, with a running style that reduces undue stress and strain on your body.

Through taking control of your running technique and placing less undue stress on your body, you can look forward to running with fewer injuries.

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